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The telecommunication cabling infrastructure is an essential component of the internal and external communication requirements of any business. Both voice and data cables need to reflect the latest advancements in technology. It is also essential that system designs by Telecomm Wizards is flexible, allowing for future expansion and growth.

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Structured Cabling Systems

When Network Cabling Services design a structured telecommunication cabling infrastructure, it normally involves six separate standardized subsystems.

  • Entrance Facilities are located where the telephone company’s network ends, connecting to the customer’s wiring.
  • Equipment Rooms contain the equipment and consolidation points for the wiring serving the users.
  • Backbone Cabling refers to the critical connection between the Equipment and Telecommunication
  • Rooms, usually not on the same floor within the building.
  • Horizontal Cabling can refer to either inside wiring (IW) or plenum cabling. It connects individual work areas or outlets on the same floor to the Telecommunication Rooms, running through the ceiling, conduits or wireways.
  • Telecommunication Rooms connect the horizontal and backbone cabling.
  • Work Area Components connect the horizontal cables to end user equipment.

Voice – Digital and VoIP Cable Installation

Voice over IP (VoIP) is an excellent choice for small businesses, allowing calls to be made over the internet, bypassing phone lines. IP networks are widespread, giving almost everyone access to broadband internet. The benefits of VoIP to customers include lower phone bills, improved customer service and more productive employees. VoIP is both scalable and flexible, offering a number of calling features that were previously too expensive for companies using a traditional phone system.

Ethernet Cables provide Network Voice Cabling Solutions and are classified as Cat 5, Cat 5e, Cat 6 and Cat 6a. Voice over Ethernet is an excellent alternative to traditional voice, providing excellent call quality while reducing business overhead. Self-hosted VoIP is most appropriate for larger businesses, requiring a private branch service, a PSTN gateway and regular maintenance.

Data – Cabling Types

  • Cat 5E cable has been around for at least 15 years. These are usually 24 gauge twisted pair wires. These wires can handle a gigabit network for distances of up to 328 ft.
  • Cat 6 Cable is a few years newer than Cat 5E. Cat 6 cables allow the user to have a network of up to 10 gigabits, although this is limited to 164 ft., including the patch cables. Cat 5e is often used for Best Voice Data Cabling in Dallas/Ft. Worth. It runs to the workstations while Cat 6 is used as the backbone cable from the router to the switches. Cat 6 also allows two-way communication on each wire pair.
  • Fiber optic cable is available as single mode, multi-mode and plastic optical fiber (POF). These fibers allow minimal loss of data from one end of the cable to the other.
  • Twisted-pair telephone cable is the ordinary copper telephone wire used for many years.

Data Centers

Data centers can become maintenance headaches when they were not properly planned and organized. Paying strict attention to best practices will ensure that the organization has a reliable, smoothly functioning data center. Up-sized conduit, plenty of testing and everything labeled are just the tip of the iceberg for a data center installation.

Voice And Data Cabling Services and Data Center Networking, are the lifeblood of the business. If there’s a problem, the business has a problem. Proper planning and professional installation will maximize the efficiency and reliability of both voice and data services.

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