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Professional Network Services and Support will improve your bottom line. Personalized service ensures that the service is tailored to each client’s requirements. From the initial network planning and design to monitoring and support, experienced IT professionals will provide what is needed.

Network Design and Planning is extremely complex and the most critical part of any network deployment or upgrade, providing the foundation for the future network. A well-planned network will optimize resources, thus minimizing the total cost of ownership. During the planning process, alternative design options will be presented to management, along with the corresponding implications for the network for each option. The network must meet current requirements while being resilient enough to handle future growth.

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Network Design

The process is unique to each situation, but the overall network design process includes several factors.

  • Network requirements are established and needed information is collected.
  • The network architecture is established and classified as WAN, LAN etc. This includes hardware, software, communication protocols along with transmission modes and connectivity.
  • Recommendations are submitted for specific products and technologies.
  • A detailed analysis and design of the proposed network is completed.
  • All license requirements are fulfilled and coordinated.


Three important factors to consider when selecting network hardware are performance, reliability and security.

  • Performance is determined by how well the hardware will meet both current network needs and increased demands in the future. This can be analyzed by measuring the message request and response time. Factors used to determine performance requirements include the number of users, the transmission medium, and specifics of the hardware and software.
  • Reliability is measured by how frequently the network will fail, the time needed for the network or a device to recover, and how well the device will handle a catastrophe.
  • Security is critically important. Hackers, viruses, spyware and tomorrow’s challenges can be expected to threaten the network. Routine backups to removable media or the cloud are essential, as well as hardware and software firewalls. User access, particularly to critical areas, must be strictly controlled and monitored using the latest technology.

Installation & Relocation

Expert installation in accordance with the designated design is critical to the expected performance of the network. Troubleshooting network problems can uncover errors made when devices were initially installed.

Moving a network is one of those projects that can become much more complicated and take much longer than anticipated. Here, experience really pays off. The process includes three stages.

  • Pre-move planning begins with an examination of the infrastructure of the new location. It’s necessary to determine which services are available, review the inventory, evaluate any contractual or license obligations, and total the costs of the relocation.
  • Procurement and installation are the next steps. It’s essential to supervise the delivery and installation of services and resolve any third-party issues.
  • Cleaning up after the move includes disconnecting old circuits, etc. at the prior location.

Data Centers

Data Center Services are integral to supporting today’s businesses. With the incredible growth of data traffic, network performance can be challenged. A properly designed data center will support the organization.

  • The lifeline of the data center is a robust cable infrastructure. This directly impacts network performance and data rates.
  • Pathways and spaces must be properly planned.
  • Necessary security equipment and procedures are essential.
  • Uninterruptible power supply units (UPS) are needed to ensure power redundancy.

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