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Are Wireless LAN Solutions Right For Your Organization?

With effective communication becoming increasingly necessary, organizations find themselves looking for solutions beyond traditional wired local area networks (LANs). Today, Wireless Networking is often the method of choice, as it offers users a cost-effective, efficient solution to the communication needs of a wide variety of organizations. To determine the Best Wireless Networking in DFW solution, consider the following.

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What’s Wireless Networking All About?

In the past, networks were hardwired to allow network members to communicate with others on the network. Wireless Office Solutions consider the makeup of the workforce, the types of communication necessary, and the number of devices in the LAN. The technology allows users to enjoy services not previously possible, especially with the introduction of handheld devices. For example, sophisticated handheld point-of-sale devices are finding their way into retail stores and restaurants, significantly enhancing customer service while maximizing employee time.

How Are Wireless LANs Helping Larger, Office-Based Organizations?

Wireless LAN Solutions allow mobility, making collaboration among users in different areas not only possible but easily accomplished. Users are free to travel anywhere within the area covered by the wireless LAN, work with others, and make sure projects have every possible chance of being completed successfully and on time. While typical applications limit the range of use for a wireless LAN to about 300 feet, adding access points allows that range to expand dramatically. That suggests even the largest organizations may benefit from transitioning to a wireless LAN rather than installing or upgrading the cabling necessary for wired LANs.

Are There Limits to the Number of Users on a Wireless Network?

Wireless Office Networks do have some limitations but, with careful planning, the capacity of any wireless LAN can easily be expanded to meet a larger company’s needs or to accommodate the needs of expanding organizations. Telecomm Wizards can configure additional access points when a single access point reaches the maximum number of users. In addition, multiple wireless LANs can be interconnected when necessary. The solutions for complex wireless network conditions are generally far simpler than attempting to accomplish the same goals using wired systems.

Can Wired Networks Be Connected to a Wired LAN?

Organizations with wired LANs already in place can quickly expand their capacity by incorporating Wireless LAN Solutions. While some sort of bridging is required, Telecomm Wizards experts work with organizations to identify the optimal equipment necessary to allow wired and wireless networks to communicate. Since each system is different, Telecomm Wizards works closely with organizations to make the transition seamless.

Our experts use top-of-the-line equipment to provide clients with the best wireless LAN options possible. By working with established networking professionals, DFW wireless LAN users will see their systems deliver the types of service needed to enhance the success of those organizations.

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